Healthy teeth management is first but, the correct medical treatment of teeth is important.
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- What is teeth whitening? -
It is the process of turning yellow teeth into bright white color which was originally caused by drinking too much coffee or tea and smoking. The procedure is done by applying the chemicals or lasers.


- The types of teeth whitening -
1. Home Bleaching
It is the process which is done by making the transparent tray which can be fitted into your teeth. By applying the white chemicals inside the tray which will be later will be fitted in your mouth. You can leave it inside your mouth while sleeping or leave for many hours. It takes about 2 or 3 weeks for it to completely become white.


2. Office Bleaching
This is done by applying the laser. The laser is applied for 30minutes -1 hour. This is very powerful procedure therefore it makes teeth into 100% white colour.


3. Making dead teeth into white colour
When the teeth dies, the colour is changed to black.By applying the white chemical inside the tooth, it becomes white again. You have to repeat this many times until it becomes completely white.