Healthy teeth management is first but, the correct medical treatment of teeth is important.
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- What effect would scaling have on teeth and gums?

Plaque and Calculus causes decay and gum disease.

So to remove this, you need to do scaling

- Treatment -

1. Before treatment

Just by looking, it is difficult to recognize the plaque


2. Checking the plaque
By applying the chemicals, it is possible to recognize the plaque


3. After treatment
After scaling, there is no more plaque




- The symptoms after the scaling:

  1. Teeth could feel sensitive when you drink cold or hot water,

  2. and also there could be some bleeding and swelling around the gum area.

  3. But after couple of days, it will become into normal condition

- the reason of regular scaling -

It is difficult to remove the plaque in the remote part of the teeth. Smoking which causes staining will also need scaling. Plaque causes bad breath. It is very important for the prevention of the gum problems.

- How many times is scaling necessary? -

  1. generally once or twice a year
  2. if you are smoker than 4times a year
  3. after 30 years, it is necessary to have regular checkups